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Land Use Planning and Zoning

The Center assists local governments with their land use planning and zoning efforts. Land use planning and zoning are important aspects of local government management, and can greatly enhance the quality of life in a community. A land use plan is a basic element of a comprehensive plan. It designates the future use or reuse of land within a given jurisdiction's planning area, and the policies and reasoning used at arriving at the decisions in the plan. The land-use plan serves as a guide to official decisions regarding the distribution and intensity of private development, as well as public decisions on the location of future public facilities and open spaces. It is also a basic guide to zoning and subdivision controls, urban renewal, and capital improvement programs.

Zoning is the division of a community by legislative regulations into areas, or zones, which specify allowable uses for real property, density, lot placement, height, and size restrictions for buildings within these areas.

Examples of Projects

Harveysburg (Warren County) - Zoning Ordinance

Wayne Township (Adams County) - Application for Zoning Variance, Application for Conditional Use, Application for Adminstrative Appeal

New Madison (Darke County) - Zoning Ordinance


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