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Personnel Management and Human Resources

The Center continues to provide personnel management and human resource assistance to local governments.  One of the primary responsibilities of local governments, as service providers, is to hire a capable staff and provide them with a safe work environment.  The components of a comprehensive personnel management system include:

  • policies and procedures
  • position descriptions
  • performance appraisal
  • compensation schedule

Examples of Personnel Management projects include:

Personnel Management Sourcebook - published in conjunction with the Ohio Township Association as part of Township Sourcebook Series; provides an introduction to comprehensive personnel management and includes model policies that can provide a framework for township adoption.

New Russia Township (Lorain County) - assisting with creating a personnel policies and procedures manual.

Village of Arcanum (Darke County) - updating personnel policies and procedures manual for village employees.

Sugarcreek Township (Greene County) - updated  personnel policies and procedures manual for township employees.

Spring Valley Township (Greene County) - developed  personnel policies and procedures manual for township employees; also included review of position descriptions. 

Southwest Ohio Local Government Wage and Benefit Survey - annual survey of municipal wage, salary, and benefit information for benchmark positions in nine SW Ohio counties.

Administrative Staffing - provided support to governing bodies who needed to hire/appoint administrative positions; please see our page on executive searches for a description of the range of services available.

Examples of Human Resource projects include:

Scioto Foundation (Adams, Pike, Jackson, and Scioto Counties) - assisting the Foundation with a workload distribution process, the development of new position descriptions, the development of a personnel policies and procedures manual, and a compensation study.          

Warren County Engineer's Office - assisted the County Engineer in the implementation of job/task analysis and re-design, position descriptions, and personnel policies and procedures.

Benham's Grove Facility of the City of Centerville - conducted a work distribution analysis for the facility and reviewed position descriptions.



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