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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Center can assist local governments in using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) as a decision-making tool. The Computer Services Division/GIS Support Center of the Ohio Department of Administrative Services claims that "more than eighty percent of governmental functions are associated with managing information about specific locations or geographic areas." For this reason, it is critical for local governments to take advantage of the technology - both computer hardware and mapping resources (such as aerial photography and GPS - global positioning satellites). Mapping has become increasingly "user-friendly" and can allow local governments to use spatial representations to enrich their databases and decision-making:

  • comprehensive land-use planning and zoning
  • automated property tax records
  • develop water/sewer grid service maps
  • delineation of watershed/wellhead protection areas
  • township cemetery record-keeping
  • service delivery analysis for Fire/EMS servicesland evaluation site assessmentsroutes for snow/ice removal

Example of Projects

City of Monroe (Butler & Warren Counties) - at the request of the Assistant Manager, the Center provided assistance with integrating local land use data into a GIS application for development and land use maps.

Ward Re-Districting Plan - as part of assistance provided to the City of Clayton (Montgomery County).

Using GIS for Land Use Planning - session at a workshop on Ohio Land Use Planning and Farmland Policy, sponsored by the Ohio State University Extension in southwest Ohio.

Telecommunications District - assisted in the development of ordinance regulating the location/co-location of cellular towers for the City of Harrison (Hamilton County).

Service Delivery Analysis and Needs Assessment - as part of human resource project for Highland County Community Action Organization.

GIS Day 2004 - GIS and Gerrymandering presentation by Center staff at Miami University's King Library on November 17, 2004.

GIS Day 2006 - GIS and Economic Development presentation by Center staff at Miami University's Brill Science Library on November 15, 2006.


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