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The Center produces a number of reports and publications. Copies of many Center reports are available here by following a link; You will either find a web-based version of the report or a .pdf format (portable document file). If you double-click on a link and you do not see the report, then you will need to install the Adobe Reader; this will allow you to view and print the documents.


coverDoes Collaboration Beget Collaboration? (November 2009)

Researchers in the Center submitted a research monograph to the Ohio Commission on Local Government Reform and Collaboration. The study which was funded by a research grant from the State Commission, focused on the collaborative efforts of township governments in Ohio. The report found: (1) significant levels of collaboration currently takes place across townships in Ohio; (2) concluded that interlocal governmental collaboration is not a simple concept that should be narrowly defined in the context of informal and formal agreements; and (3) and that local government collaboration moves through a progression that may ultimately lead to co-production. The research report can be viewed here... more


Township Sourcebook Series - Four Volume Set

Published in cooperation with the Ohio Township Association, the series is intended to aid in township governance and management. Each manual provides an informational resource for elected township officials about the functions and duties of their position. The Township Trustee Sourcebook examines responsibilities particular to the elected office of township trustee. As the other elected township official, fiscal officers have a different set of responsibilities which are presented in the Township Fiscal Officer Sourcebook. The third manual in the sourcebook series provides an overview of the personnel management function and recommended policies and procedures. All sourcebooks were updated in 2013. The Township Zoning Sourcebook is the latest addition to the Township Sourcebook Series and was first published in 2009. It is designed to provide township officials with an overview of township planning and zoning, related issues and recommended practices.

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Township Trustee Sourcebook, 2013 edition

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Township Fiscal Officer Sourcebook, 2013 edition

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Township Personnel Management Sourcebook, 2013 edition

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Township Zoning Sourcebook, 2013 edition

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